Waterfront Master Plan

Collingwood’s Crown Jewel – One of five identified priorities

Referred to by many as Collingwood’s crown jewel and Identified as one of the five priorities by the residents of Collingwood in the Community Based Strategic Plan, this Council hired Brook McIlroy to create a Waterfront Master Plan for our waterfront.

The result is an ambitious long term plan to develop our waterfront to provide something for everyone from sailors, power boaters, human powered craft, swimmers and pedestrians whether they be residents or visitors from sunset beach to the Craigleith beach and all points in between. The main vision of the plan is to integrate the waterfront with the downtown and create a strong, accessible connection between the two so that people in the downtown are drawn to the waterfront and those using the waterfront are drawn to Collingwood’s historic downtown. It is a plan that is driven by other strategic priorities including healthy lifestyles, arts and culture and supporting economic development.

The plan is broken into stages with the first stage focusing on Harbourview Park and the creation of an Indigenous Gathering Circle to recognize the Town’s indigenous heritage. The phase will also include a splash pad which will become a skating rink in winter and be part of a refrigerated skating trail through the park, a concession building with washrooms and change rooms. The final stage of phase one will be the addition of space for the local rowing and canoe clubs to operate out of and store their boats.

There are plans for significant development and changes to the inner harbor and Sunset Point as well as improvements to the existing trails along the waterfront.

To access the Waterfront Master Plan CLICK HERE.

Collingwood’s waterfront was a very busy place on the Civic Holiday Weekend. Every August we celebrate our waterfront as a community at Sidelaunch Days