Political Platform

Brian Saunderson – as Mayor of Collingwood
Political Platform: 2018 – 2022

Collingwood – Healthy and Strong
We live in a historic, scenic and active community that is blessed with incredible natural features from the hills of the escarpment to the shores of Georgian Bay. Collingwood has accomplished much and has incredible potential. As Mayor of Collingwood, I will work with Council to ensure that we do business in an open and accountable manner that is responsive to the needs of residents and is service oriented. The mission of the next Council must be to make Collingwood proud, healthy and strong in everyway and under my leadership I will make this my mission.

I commit to “Keep Putting Collingwood First

My Action Plan
The residents of Collingwood deserve and expect a PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY through STRONG LEADERSHIP with VISION and INTEGRITY from their Mayor. I believe that by embracing these core principles, I can deliver on a meaningful agenda with achievable goals.

Strong Leadership
1. I will be a proactive, visible leader and will engage residents in regular dialogue about what is important to them. Two-way Communications will be a priority for my administration.

2. I will ensure that Town Hall will implement processes to regularly measures resident satisfaction levels for all services and focus on improvements where there are gaps.

3. I will take the recommendations of the Judicial Inquiry seriously and implement any measures that will guarantee residents an honest and transparent local government.

4. I will continue to work to get our financial house in order and continue to pay down the debt. This Council has paid down more than $12 Million in debt, reducing the debt load from $39 Million to just under $27 Million; the lowest Town debt since 2007.

5. I will continue to work to develop a Financial Strategy that will ensure Collingwood is in a strong financial position, is fiscally sustainable and can enjoy a good future.

Progressive Community
6. I will work to better understand the needs of our underrepresented and vulnerable populations and work with our partners to make Collingwood an affordable and inclusive community.

7. With an increasing percentage of older adults and a need to keep our youth in the community; I will strive to ensure that Collingwood is an Age-Friendly, healthy and active community that makes the most of everyone’s strengths.

8. I will initiate an environmental audit of the Town’s facilities, operations and services to ensure that the Town takes all reasonable steps to protect, steward and preserve the environment.

9. The 2015 Community-based Strategic Plan identified five (5) core priorities the residents of Collingwood want local government to pursue, namely, Accountable Local Government, Public Access to a Revitalized Waterfront, Culture and Arts, Healthy Lifestyles and, Support for Economic Development. I will continue to develop and implement aspects of all five priorities.

10. I will continue to work to develop funding strategies and implement the recommendations of the Waterfront and Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plans.

My Commitment
The word “community” consists of two key components, “common” and “unity”. Strong leadership promotes a vision that strengthens the community, focusses on our common issues and interests and meets its challenges head on. Collingwood has a long and proud tradition but there is work to do to honour and continue that tradition. We can do this together.

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