OPP Investigation

The OPP investigation is a separate and distinct process from the Judicial Inquiry.

As indicated, the Public Inquiry is looking into the series of events leading up to the 2012 Collus share sale and how the proceeds from the sale were spent. The OPP investigation is a police process in which the municipality has no role or influence.

I am not aware of the specifics of what the OPP are investigating other than the information contained in the recent CBC article based on information contained in the 194 page “Information to Obtain” sworn by OPP Detective Constable Marc Lapointe which contains allegations that have not been tested in court and no charges have been laid to date.

Detective Constable Lapointe alleges that the Mayor’s brother, Paul Bonwick, or one of his companies, received a payment of $756,740.42 from BLT Construction Services Inc. arising out of the Council of the day’s decision on August 27, 2012 to purchase and construct 2 Sprung building facilities, one to convert the outdoor Centennial Pool to a year round facility and the other to house the Central Park Arena.

This payment amounted to 6.5% of the total purchase price of the buildings which came to approximately $11.6 million.

It would appear that if such a payment was made, it was made at the expense of the Collingwood taxpayers.

The Mayor has stated publicly that she was not aware of the payment.

The people of Collingwood deserve to know if there was criminal activity in these transactions and, if there was, the perpetrators should be held accountable.

Whatever, the outcome of the OPP investigation it is important that it be brought to a conclusion as soon as possible to remove the shadow it casts on this community and our reputation.